Sunday, 5 October 2008


Make a batter with :- 5 fl.ozs water, 5fl.ozs milk, 1tbs oil , 8 oz (bread or plain) flour, 1 tsp salt ,1tsp sugar, 1½ tsp dried yeast.I use the dough programme on a breadmaker (Total time 1½ hrs. consisting of- 5 mins mix -5 mins rest- 5 mins mix again- 1¼ hrs rise) but it could equally be mixed in a processor or by hand and put to rise in a warm place.When risen and bubbly mix ¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda with 4 tbs water and add to batter. Leave another 30mins Batter ready and pikelets ready for flip
Put spoonsful of batter on hot griddle or in large frying pan . When bubbles rise and pop flip over and cook other side ( No shortage of helpers at this stage-although they seem to melt away at the clearing up stage )Makes about 10 and they freeze well.

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CherylK said...

These look really delicious. Are they a cross between a pancake and a crumpet?